About Us


To establish DATAINTELECT as Information Communication Technology centre for excellence within South Africa and the world at large.


DATAINTELECT will have to fulfil its vision through the following:

  • Excelling in its professional conduct.
  • Using best practices and the best technological approaches to its methods.
  • Empowering members of the society by providing opportunities.
  • Contributing part of its resource base towards research.
  • Being a partner with government towards economic growth and job creation.

Affiliations and Partnerships

Having realized at an early stage that expertise and financial muscle are essential to rendering and delivering of acceptable levels of service to our Clients. To this end, we therefore aim to strategically partner on a project by project basis, with leading contractors and service providers in the industry. The benefits arising from such co-operation ventures are:

  • Access to proven technology, established systems and processes
  • Skills and technology transfer
  • Access to finance
  • Cost optimization, the benefit which is in turn transferred to the Client
  • Increased capacity leading to the successful completion of projects.

DATAINTELECT however intends to retain its independence, as the agreements will be on a project to project basis. This arrangement ensures that we are empowered to determine our own future. Moreover, we are able to operate under a variety of contractual agreements such as direct partnership with the Client. However future merges with well established companies or organisations should be viewed as a strategic option.